Best Places to Hike Near Las Vegas, Nevada

Best Places to Hike Near Las Vegas, Nevada

Finding the best hikes near Las Vegas is really important for you and your family because you want to make the most of the region. The city is a great place for entertainment, but it is not just a place with casinos, shows and shopping. When you want a break from the craps table, blackjack, or betting on sports then you can get out into the wilderness, and you need to make sure that you have done all that you can do to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Grab some equipment and try some of these hikes so that you can get out and commune with nature.

Fire Canyon

Fire Canyon is one of the hottest places in the area, but it is also a great place to see some gorgeous rocky escarpments that you cannot find in any other place. The terra cotta color of the area is enough to get you to come out to hike, and you can walk through the canyon easily before you have to turn around and go home.

Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail

The historic railroad tunnel trail is a trail that goes through an old railroad system. You can get out of the heat when you go into the tunnel, and there are some surrounding trails that will be just as fun for you to hike. You are going to find that this was one of the most remote trails in the area, and it is something that gives you a chance to explore.

Wetlands Park Nature Preserve

The Wetlands Park Nature Preserve is a place where protected animals live, and it is a natural wetland that you can walk through comfortably. You can get your feet wet as you hike through the wetlands, and you will have a very nice time hanging out in shady areas that are provided by trees growing in the area. You could have a picnic under a tree, or you could just hike through until you are ready to head home.

Red And Black Mountain

Red and Black Mountain sounds just like it looks. You will see the colors of the mountain, and you need to make sure that you are going to hike up both sides of the mountain on a special loop trail. This will be a nice place for you to go for the whole day, and you can camp out on this trail because it is a really great place to commune with nature. This will give you great views of the surrounding area, and camping out on the summit will be amazing for you.

River Mountains Trail

The River Mountains trail is something you need to try when you want to get a nice combination of a rivers on one side and mountains on the other side. It is far easier for you to have a good time on this trail when you have planned to hike it for a considerable distance before you come home. You will learn a lot about the wildlife of the area, and you will start to enjoy the way the city looks from this distance.

Someone who wants to take some nice hikes should be sure that they are going to have a good place to hike that is familiar to them.  If you are a novice, view our hiking videos so you are fully prepared.  You can try any of these trails, but you will eventually land on one that makes the most sense to you. You should be sure to check out the trails your first time before you decide where you want to go every time you take a hike, and you will be able to get away from the city in a way that is enjoyable and refreshing.

If you enjoy these hikes then take a look at some of our best trails in the world.  You might find some ideas for your next vacation spot!