Hiking Video Tips

While some things are better learned through experience, hiking is one that I would recommend learning about before heading out to the trails. Sure you can learn a lot through first-hand experience, but wouldn’t it make more sense to already be prepared for the problems that could come up and to have the proper equipment.

I can’t begin to explain the number of times that something I saw in a video helped me in one of my trips. Whether it’s tips for how to handle certain situations that you may come across or techniques that will help you along the way, there’s likely a video out there that will help you be better prepared.

Watching videos is especially something that I recommend to anyone who is a amateur hiker without a lot of experience to fall back on. The last thing you want to do is go out on a hike and have something go wrong and not know how to fix it. Whether it’s tips for building a fire, what to pack on your trip, how to tie certain knots or what is okay and not okay to eat, these are all things that you need to have an idea on before you hit the trails.

I have spent some time searching the web for some of the most informative videos on hiking tips. Now these are a great place to start, but don’t limit yourself to the videos on this page. There’s always new and better videos being added each day with new information. Take some time to research hiking before you hit the trails.

Start small.  I’ve reviewed some of the best trails in Las Vegas and in the entire world.

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